Behind the Muse: with Jewel Hertzler

Jewel Hertzler
Jewel Hertzler

Jewel is new to Art Lotto this year but she is no art rookie. She has been an active and involved member of the art scene for many years. Jewel is a member of Oasis Art Gallery, the President of Spitzer Art Center, she taught art in public schools for 30 years with ten of those years being at Broadway High School here in the county, and she actively creates her own artwork to show and sell around Harrisonburg and Virginia. For Art Lotto, Jewel will be portraying Sarah Hade in her medium of choice: encaustic.

“Sarah and I met back in April at Bella Luna. We met at the bar, and were waited on by the efficient and expert bartender, Emily Reese. We ordered appetizers and beer, and had the best oysters I’ve ever had! Now that’s saying a lot because during our conversation, Sarah and I found out that we are both from the Tidewater area, and Oysters are one of our favorite foods! In planning the Art Lotto portrait of Sarah, I went through several ideas, finally settling on a double reverse photo transfer image representing memories of her past and visions of her future. The background images under the photo transfers are photos I’ve taken of the beach, one of our favorite things, and the mountains, another of our favorite things, as well. The photo was taken by Katie Schmid, and used with her permission. This week I will be positioning the images into an encaustic painting blending the ocean and mountains into a portrait about past and future. It was so much fun to meet Sarah and find out all the things we have in common! Art, oysters, beach, mountains….” -Jewel

Sarah Hade
A process shot of Jewel’s portrait of Sarah Hade. Come see the finished work at the Art Lotto opening in August at Spitzer Art Center.

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