Procrastination Destination 2014!

Procrastination Destination 2014bProcrastination Destination is happening Monday, February 24 from 4-6:30. Upstairs at the Blue Nile. Come see us! We’ll have registration forms ready to go and a friendly smile. If you’re on Facebook, here’s an event link. Feel free to share!


Time Is UP!

The entry deadline has come and gone and we are THRILLED
with the artists this year! Now, we organize and chit chat.
Here are some photos from the successful Procrastination Destination
event held at the Blue Nile.

Lotto artist Indigo Eriksen enjoys a pot of warm tea on the cold rainy day.
Denise takes notes as we brainstorm for our Luck of the Draw night in March.
Katie Struble completes her registration form.
Katie Struble completes her registration form and receives a Denise-smile in return. (warm fuzzies)
6:30...that's a wrap.
It’s 6:30 and we have exceeded our goal. Woot!